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One of the best ways to ensure your 5G router gets the best 5G service it to out the router where the best 5G signal is.  In most cases the best 5G service is outdoors, because 5G frequencies are not very good at penetrating walls.  Instead of having an indoor 5G router and installing an outdoor 5G antenna (many 5g antennas have 4 cables (ie. 4x4 antenna) with the restriction of fairly short antenna cables to reduce the signal loss along the cables.

The preference in many cases would be to install the router outdoors and just use a single Ethernet cable to provide power to the router, and deliver the Internet service back to your indoor network.  The main benefits being obtaining the best 5G signal, a single cable (up to 50m) and easy installation.

Our best selling outdoor 5G routers are the FNB600 which is a stand alone router supplied with POE injector and the ZTE MC889 which comes bundled with the T3000 indoor router providing WiFi6 for your indoor network.