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DrayTek is a renowned provider of innovative business-grade networking solutions, including high-performance 5G routers like the Vigor 2927Lax-5G and Vigor 2865Lax-5G. These routers offer lightning-fast 5G/LTE connectivity, robust security features, and seamless network management capabilities.

Equipped with integrated 5G/LTE modems and dual-SIM support, DrayTek's 5G routers ensure constant, reliable internet access even in areas with limited fixed-line infrastructure. They prioritize security with advanced firewalls, content filtering, and VPN support, safeguarding networks from cyber threats.

These routers boast load balancing, failover, and QoS features for optimal bandwidth allocation and uninterrupted connectivity. They seamlessly integrate with DrayTek's ecosystem, supporting central management through the VigorACS platform and acting as wireless controllers for VigorAP access points and VigorSwitch devices.

With cutting-edge technology, robust security, and advanced networking capabilities, DrayTek's 5G routers are the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable, high-performance, and future-proof networking solutions.