Robustel Routers

Robustel: Leading Provider of Industrial 4G and 5G Routers and Connectivity Solutions

Robustel Technologies is a global leader in providing reliable and secure connectivity solutions for Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial applications. Their extensive product portfolio includes award-winning 4G LTE and 5G routers, gateways, modems, and cloud-based device management platforms.

Robust and Versatile 4G LTE Routers

Robustel's 4G LTE routers are designed to offer seamless and high-speed connectivity for a wide range of applications. These industrial-grade routers are built to withstand harsh environments and provide reliable performance in mission-critical scenarios. Some key features of Robustel's 4G LTE routers include:
  • Global LTE band support for worldwide deployments
  • Dual SIM capability for network redundancy
  • Advanced VPN protocols (IPsec, OpenVPN, GRE) for secure data transmission
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and serial interfaces for versatile connectivity options
  • Cloud-based device management with RCMS platform

Robustel's 4G LTE routers are widely used in industries such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, and smart cities for applications like remote asset monitoring, vehicle tracking, and industrial automation.

Cutting-Edge 5G Routers for High-Speed Connectivity

As 5G networks continue to roll out globally, Robustel is at the forefront of providing innovative 5G routers for high-bandwidth and low-latency applications. Their 5G routers, like the R5020 and R5010, offer the following key features:
  • Support for global 5G, 4G, and 3G bands
  • High-performance CPU and RobustOS operating system
  • Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity
  • Advanced security features and VPN support
  • Cloud-based device management with RCMS

Robustel's 5G routers are ideal for applications that require high-speed connectivity, such as live video streaming, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and remote healthcare. They enable rapid deployment of IoT applications across various industries, including transportation, enterprise connectivity, and digital signage.

Robust Cloud Management and VPN Solutions

In addition to their hardware offerings, Robustel provides robust cloud-based solutions for device management and secure remote access. The Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) simplifies the management of large-scale IoT deployments, allowing users to remotely configure, update, and monitor their devices from a centralized platform.

Robustel's RobustVPN solution enables secure remote access to Ethernet or serial devices using any SIM card, anywhere in the world, without the need for a static IP address. This innovative technology is particularly valuable for machine builders, system integrators, and service providers who require remote access to their deployed equipment for maintenance and support.

With a strong focus on reliability, security, and scalability, Robustel's solutions cater to a wide range of industries and applications, empowering businesses to stay connected and optimize their operations in the era of IoT and 5G connectivity.


Robustel R2010 – 4G/LTE Twin Ethernet + Serial & GPIO

The Robustel R2010 is a high-performance industrial 4G LTE cellular gateway designed for mission-critical IoT and M2M applications. With dual Ethernet ports, dual SIM slots, and advanced features, the R2010 delivers reliable connectivity for demanding industrial environments.

Key Features of the Robustel R2010:

  • Dual 4G LTE cellular modems for redundancy
  • Two configurable Ethernet ports (one with optional 802.3at PoE)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Serial port and GPIO for flexible connectivity options
  • Multiple VPN and firewall security features
  • Rugged industrial design for harsh environments

Ideal for Industrial IoT Applications:

  • Remote monitoring and control systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Smart retail and digital signage
  • Transportation and logistics tracking

The R2010 includes Robustel's free RCMS cloud management platform, allowing easy monitoring of device status, location, data usage, and more across your entire fleet of routers.

With its versatile connectivity options, robust security, and industrial-grade reliability, the Robustel R2010 is the ideal 4G gateway solution for mission-critical IoT deployments where performance and low total cost of ownership are essential.


Robustel R2011 – 4G/LTE 4+1 Ethernet Port Industrial Router